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Andres has documented 20+ years of successes and failures as the CEO of a technology company (SynerTech Cloud Solutions) and offers this invaluable advice to StartUps with BiZion Group business owners and managers via his technology business marketing and sales training company, MasterMind2020 Academy.


The MasterMind2020 Academy is an online training academy for Entrepreneurs, small business owners and investors looking to join Master Mind Groups that support startups Businesses (Under 1Million Revenue) and SMB Business Owners ( Over 1Million Revenue ) to create even more success.

As part of the academy we offer memberships levels to become a Business Growth Club member and get access to powerful tools to unlock the knowledge of real businesses and what does it take to Expand your success.


We provide the Entrepreneur Accelerator program for emerging Businesses on a diverse target industry such as Information Technology, Aviation, Hospitality & Tourism, Creative Design, Finance, Life science & Healthcare, Trade & Logistics.

We run programs design for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs looking to expand their business.

we offer the following programs and More;

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We challenge you to run an intensive quarter 90 Days of Peak Performance, a three-month program customized for early stage startup companies.

Startups could receive hands-on mentorship, and access to our ever-widening network of active angels investors, veteran startup founders, experienced technology experts and up to $50,000 in seed capital or private equity funds.  In addition, we provide you with three months of Business Development, Personal Development and coaching plus the IT platform, everything you need to get off the ground.

Throughout the program, our hands-on mentors help you develop and refine your product, launch it to your target customer segments, get marketing experts and test your delivery and business models.

Do you have a strategy in place to vet candidates? If not, then look no further. I’ll share best practices from the CEO who has hired, fired, and compensated more salespeople than anyone you know:

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would like personally connect with you and to answer any questions you might have about our MasterMind2020 and the 90days E-Accelerator program.

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