Because, You Can’t Afford to Fail.

You know business continuity is vital, but perhaps you don’t know how to get the right parts of the organization engaged. Perhaps you’re in IT, and you don’t know what questions to prepare. Or perhaps you’re the CIO, and you don’t know what questions you should be asking.

Business Continuity (BC) is defined as the capability of the organization to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident. (Source: ISO 22301:2012)


Organizations today need to find knowledgeable experts to help them develop a consistent and deliverable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution that adheres to ever-changing domestic and international standards such us ISO 27001, ISO22301, ITILv3, COBIT, PCI-DSS. SOX, HIPAA.

the following are some of the questions many Business Owners, Managing Directors, CEO’s and IT Professionals must know about.

  • Why Business Continuity Planning is vital
  • How to establish a holistic Business Continuity perspective
  • How to change the culture And make preparedness part of your DNA
  • How to understand what you have, so you can protect it
  • The 5 Steps to getting started with Business Continuity Planning


The challenge. Traditional VARs are still selling on-premise, hardware-based solutions. Services companies are looking for a way to land more business without building data centers. Customers are looking more and more for on-demand IT capabilities that don’t tie down capital, people or management manpower. Better still if they can do this on an operational expense basis, and have relative flexibility and world-class facilities without putting out a big capital expenditure and dealing with the delays associated with sourcing, installing and operationalizing it all.

The solution world-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Enterprise Cloud 2.0, virtual computing capabilities, along with simple but effective colocation services, managed hosting, disaster recovery (virtual & physical) and cloud storage solutions,  all connected with world-class “pipes” from multiple carriers  plugged into  “carrier agnostic” data centers around the USA and the world.

The HELP Seventy-two (72%) percent of enterprise data centers are more than five (5) years old. Twenty-six (26%) of these are more than fifteen (15) years old. What better way for you to add value than by offering solutions housed in world-class data centers, whether physical assets (colocation) or virtual computing (Enterprise Cloud 2.0)? Not only does this move them from CapEx expenditures (big, slow, political, financial and expensive) to OpEx (quick, easy on cash flow, not-so-political and sized to the enterprise), it allows them to grow, adapt and compete while staying “capital light” and “infrastructure light”.  World class, secure, compliant, auditable and well-connected (ISP backbones and network services) help understand to make this a compelling value proposition for your projects.


C-class executives are concerned about cost control, productivity, efficiencies, security and compliance standards that will set his/her company apart from the competition, while protecting the firm from failures of any kind in those important contributors to profits. be aware of all kinds of data center/cloud-created advantages and sets rock-solid Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that hold up operationally, and stand up to the world’s highest standards (99.5%, 99.99999% and even 100%,  depending on the SLA) is a must.

The COST It’s not price, it’s value. It’s not one or a few regional data centers, it’s about how many around the world. It’s not unspecified locations for the customer’s data, but specific, geographically-known, compliant and auditable locations for physical or virtual computing requirements for companies. It’s not white box, black box or gray box hardware, but world-class, grade-A, top-line hardware, software and 24X7X365 service and support personnel. It’s do-it-yourself, on-demand or it’s hire-the-best-and-forget-the-rest, depending on what’s best for the company evolves from on-premise to off-premise data center/cloud-based computing. Add in the partner’s skill sets, long-time relationships, trusted advisor capabilities and to have something that really makes sense to the thinking consumer.

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