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Invitación a una Nueva Comunidad de Profesionales

“ provee un excelente contenido para estar actualizado en las soluciones y servicios en la Nube, como tambien una oportunidad unica de hablar con los expertos en Cloud y adquirir experiencias de otros miembros de la comunidad”


Si bien es cierto que este tipo de comunidades son, relativamente nuevas, también es verdad que nuestra nueva comunidad de profesionales, es de ingenieros y administradores de Tecnología, será una excelente “plataforma de lanzamiento” para usted, que es un innovador y emprendedor de Cloud.

Usted podrá contar con las ya imprescindibles condiciones de un modelo, a manera de mixtura, que combina lo tradicional, con un DataCenter alterno de proveedores y con nubes privadas, entre otros aspectos. Todo ello, para potencializar, al máximo, las cargas de trabajo que jalonan su empresa/negocio hacia un alto nivel de competitividad, lo que se traduce en un mayor rendimiento económico.

Con Cloud Computing, usted contará, además, con nuevas aplicaciones y servicios, en general, que le brindarán agilidad y optimización a sus procesos.

No es el momento de permitir que su infraestructura actual, lo prive de la tan importante y necesaria predictibilidad, ni de la ventaja que supone una combinación perfecta con la enorme agilidad de la Nube Empresarial.

Para poder disfrutar de las inconmensurables ventajas aludidas, basta con unirse a Cloud Computing, una nueva comunidad de profesionales que, para usted, que es ingeniero y/o ejecutivo (administrador) de Tecnología, será el mejor de los apoyos.

“Juntos somos más”, como bien se ha dicho, tradicionalmente, ¿verdad? Entonces, únase a nosotros para que, además de disponer de todo lo que hemos aludido, pueda estar actualizado en las soluciones y servicios en la Nube Empresarial.

Dispondrá, también, y como si no fuese suficiente ya, de la posibilidad de interactuar con los otros expertos de Cloud Computing y, de paso, enriquecerse con las experiencias de todos los miembros de esta nueva comunidad de profesionales en ingeniería y administración de Tecnología.

Permítale a su empresa y, de paso, a usted mismo y sus empleados, conectarse con una comunidad que les brindará la posibilidad exclusiva de conocer a otros profesionales y empresas de la industria, para que, también, ustedes adquieran reconocimiento en la misma, como expertos.

  • Voluntariar en la comunidad es tambien una oportunidad para ser reconocido no solo localmente como experto en su area pero tambien en las empresas que involucran otros colegas en la region local siendo un punto de contacto. trabajando con un comite internacional ,siendo lider EMBAJADOR pueden traer contenido nuevo y traer ideas a la comunidad.
  • La Opinion y Voz de NubeEmpresarial es una comunicación mensual que es creada por los mismos miembros de la comunidad para asegurar que estas actualizado en los temas de mayor importancia para ti.

Los Nuevos Miembros Reciben un VOUCHER de $50 para registro de los seminarios.

Si Quieres ser parte de la comunidad registrate gratis aqui,


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AVOID THE PAIN with Rapid Disaster Recovey : one more reason to protect your business with hybrid Cloud


In today’s climate, data is perhaps the most important asset of any business — and protecting data is the most critical aspect of any effective IT strategy. A minor interruption of service — even just a few hours of down time — can significantly impact productivity and sales. In the last year alone, 64 percent of businesses suffered from data loss or unplanned downtime.


But the good news is that there are backup solutions that can provide easy-to-use and secure data protection.
See in this video to clarify the different options for Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for your Business.

As a prospective client, I’d like to give you a complimentary audit of your current data backup disaster recovery system so you can know for sure just how fast you could get back up and running in the event of a disaster – if at all. Normally we charge $700 for this type of review, but we’ve decided to extend this to a small, select group of companies for FREE as a way to introduce ourselves. I know that choosing an IT provider can be difficult and confusing. Often you don’t have the time or expertise to determine if they are doing a good job for you, which is why I want to extend this offer to you at no cost or obligation.

I also want to be clear that there is no hidden agenda of any kind when you request your free Data Backup Audit, and you won’t be harassed by a high-pressure salesman. At the end of the audit we’ll give you a simple report of findings. If we find something amiss, we’ll explain it to you in plain English and give you recommendations on what you can do to resolve it. If you’d like us to help you at that point then you simply need to ask.

So what do you have to lose? At the very least you’ll get a third-party opinion, absolutely free. To request this service, simply go online to and complete the brief form. You can also call us at +1(305) 373-6001 or e-mail me directly to

Fair Warning! Due to staff and time limitations, we can only extend this free service for a limited period of time. Therefore, if we don’t hear back from you by the next 15 Days, we must respectfully withdraw the offer to give this away for free.

Dedicated to serving you,

Andres Hurtado Rangel
Founder and CEO of SynerTech Solutions Group
Direct: +1(305) 373-6001

P.S. If you’re not quite ready to request this audit, you can at least download a free report we recently created titled, “12 Little-Known Facts Every Business Owner Must Know About Data Backups, Security And Disaster Recovery.” You can get a free copy and Get started with this Free advisory guide download to learn more



Most every business needs a Real Business Phone system.

While many phone systems do the same basic things, Fonality is a best-of-breed solution for business phone needs, which is why SynerTech Solutions is a certified partner of Fonality. The number-one reason that SynerTech offers this product is the excellent support that comes standard with the system, since Fonality tech support is available 24/7 to help with issues and questions.

To make it easy for you, their business phone solution can be cloud hosted or on premise “HYBRID”. A unique feature about this solution is you are not locked into a deployment method. You can migrate from on premise to cloud hosted, or from cloud hosted to on premise. Fonality is carrier independent, so you aren’t forced to use any specific carrier and you aren’t locked into long-term contracts. There are contract options as short as one year.

With a wide range of phones and accessories, Fonality also offers a lot of feature sets for the phone system itself. The Professional option has over 50 features that you need from a phone system, including: 

  • Advanced Call Forwarding
  • Barge Report
  • Custom Caller ID
  • Dial by Name
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Personal Auto-Attendant
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Speed Dial
  • Transfer
  • and many more!

Additionally, Fonality offers top-of-the-line enterprise features that take your usual business phone experience to a whole new level, including:

  • Audio Conferencing
  • Heads Up Display
  • On-Demand Call Recording
  • CRM Integration
  • Customizable call routing tools
  • Remote worker support
  • Web Browser Click-To-Dial Plugin

One of the best things is the Heads Up Display (HUD). With the HUD, you can drag and drop call handling, know who is available with presence and chat, control audio conferences, manage your voicemail, and even work with mobile freedom.

see more at

If you need a DEMO let me Know, I will be more than happy to arrange it.