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The Brain of the Successful Businessman

Real entrepreneurs love their businesses, are good at what they do, and provide 90% of the employment in the world. They are the engine that drives capitalist societies.  This is something you may want to consider if you are an entrepreneur.

Men and Women who succeed in business of any kind – those producers who take personal responsibility for their income and not via a job – share a particular attitude and mindset that works. Those who don’t, simply fail. And while not all failures can be attributed to the fault of the entrepreneur – acts of God, and so on, it mostly is our fault.

The transition from employee to entrepreneur is difficult for most, while for the real entrepreneur it’s a wonderful liberation. Of course background and conditioning have an effect, but the most important factor is attitude. In the final analysis, the defining factor is mindset. Please note that when I talk about “entrepreneurs,” I’m not talking about franchisees – employees who buy an expensive job and continue to take orders and demand that the franchisor take ultimate responsibility for the franchisee’s success or failure.

I’m talking about lasting success, not a lucky break, a flash in the pan, being at the right place at the right time, or buying a business that is already so successful that it’s hard to fail; I refer to the self made person who builds lasting success and bounces back from failures.

So, what is the ideal mindset for progress and production in business?

Successful business owners, be they network marketers, Donald Trumps, shoe polishers, auto shops, roofing business owners, plumbers, or authors, are driven people. Their goals and objectives drive them through the tough times. And they tend to surround themselves with like minded people – winners, not whiners. They read, they are lifetime learners, and they are humble. Most of all, they are self disciplined. A successful entrepreneur is seldom obese, a smoker, a drinker, late for meetings, or badly dressed. And they are well groomed, because they have a healthy self respect. Donald Trump doesn’t drink, smoke, or use bad language. I certainly can’t imagine him smoking pot.

Authenticity, integrity and decency are hallmarks of these winners – they are not politically correct hypocrites or passive aggressive back stabbers; you know where you stand with them.

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Being a great accountability partner

The Process for being a great Accountability Partner

  • Some qualities of a good accountability partner are: they have an important goal too, they are trustworthy to show up each time, they care about your success, they want accountability also
  • Each person explains exactly what they want to be held accountable for
  • It’s not a casual conversation, it’s a strategic meeting
  • Set a specific length of time for the meeting
  • Set a recurring day, recurring time, for the weekly calls
  • Set an agenda that you will follow each time
  • Set a specific number of meetings you’ll have in the series. Then decide to go for another period of time or change partners
  • Put into writing how both parties will benefit by being an accountability partner
  • Be sure they know your vision and the cost to you of failure to follow through
  • Do your personalities match, will this be a good fit?

To your Success,

Andres Hurtado Rangel

Business Coaching, Business Growth, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Strength Training

Average vs Winners

Average people seek out people who are in more trouble and who are more desperate than they are. They need to surround themselves with losers so that they can feel good about themselves. They stand up for the underdog and the environment because that’s the only way they can feel important. They have “Ain’t it awful?” conversations and blame others for their own lack of success.
Winners seek out those who are more successful and positive than they are. They take responsibility for their own results and will not associate with losers and leeches. They feel they deserve what they earn.
Average people need instant results to keep them motivated. They have no staying power. They think business is like instant coffee and they hate the idea of work. They will only try new ventures for a few weeks before quitting and blaming the opportunity and shooting the messenger.
Winners understand compound growth and the slight edge. They are willing to put in the time and effort in order to see exponential growth down the line. They understand sowing and reaping and work with the natural laws of the universe.
Average people are mystics and believe in luck and chance. Along with their cigarettes and beer they buy lottery tickets. They gamble and wish.
Winners believe in responsibility and choice. They create their own success. They are objective, rational and careful where they invest their resources. I’ve never met a winner who gambles, or buys lottery tickets. And it’s rare to find winners who smoke.
Average people read newspapers, watch CNN, and spend hours watching sport. Their input is meaningless and negative. They live vicariously through soap operas and sports.
Winners carefully monitor their INPUT, participate in meaningful activities, and respect their own time as their greatest resource. They don’t not allow negative input in their lives.


Business Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Are you Average ?

When offered opportunities to improve their lives, for average people, the threat always outweighs the opportunity. They focus on what can go wrong, make excuses, and allow their fear to put their faith in a wheelchair. Winners get excited about new opportunities, minimize their risk through Joint Ventures, and focus on what can go right. They are willing to do what others don’t, so they will have what others won’t. Their “WHY” always overshadows their “HOW”. They expect to win, so they do.

Average people say, “I work (selling my time) ” to earn money to buy food to give me energy to go back to work to earn money…”
Winners leverage other peoples’ time and money to increase their assets and net worth. They work smart, not hard. They use their brains, not their hands. They don’t sell their own time unless it leads directly to leverage opportunities.

“Are You Average