Business Accelerator Program.


The startup ecosystem is increasingly attractive to entrepreneurs and innovators, both locally and from around the world. Much of the rapid growth is a result of the convergence of Miami’s tech and creative communities, as well as access to Latin American markets.

Global StartUpCON Accelerator Program is a free, one-quarter program offered twice a year in each of our GLOBAL communities. This program offers a unique combination of immersive business training, mentorship and access to an extended professional network. Anyone with a dream to start or grow a business or nonprofit is encouraged to apply.

In recent years, many incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces have launched, offering access to resources such as mentors, office space, seed funding, networking opportunities, and basic business services.

BiZion Group is one of the Venture Capital In Miami  which offers;

Structured Program 


For Entrepreneurs: 12-week world-class program and on-going residency and support with exclusive community access and training .

Community of Entrepreneurs


For Entrepreneurs: Top startups from around the world collaborating in a supportive environment, from 18 countries including Israel Tel Aviv.

Turnkey Solution


Technology, Communications, Marketing, Training, educational content & complete program management platform ensuring accountability and transparency while measuring impact and activities in real time.

Hybrid Cloud

Proven Model


Proven model for developing an ecosystem building on the existing strengths in the community with documented success on high ROI from $10Million and up
start-accelerate-growth-exponential growth- sell-BigPayday.

Seed Capital


Speeding up the growth and success of startup and early stage companies need fast funding. We often offer multiple paths to capital from angel investors, state governments, economic-development coalitions and other venture capital investors.

Modern CO-WORKING space


MiamiShared Located in a luxury high-rise in Downtown Miami. Where a hybrid environment for creative minds get feelings of home + cafe + office in that we combine the amenities of a modern office ( including WiFi, workstations, conference rooms, TVs, Projectors, VoIP, copy/fax/print center, receptionists, Virtual Assistants  etc.), and for the more sophisticated businesses Exclusive Luxury Offices.

for more information visit or call  (786) 529-2784

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