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“What you are is God’s Gift to You,
What you Become is your Gift to God”

revised-AHRAndres Hurtado Rangel is a technology entrepreneur recognized for developing successful international businesses from Miami, Florida, and for his forward-thinking, innovative and collaborative approach to business.

In 1998, Andres became a professor of technology and innovation and as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, he founded his first consulting firm. During the past 20-plus years, Andres has owned firms in Information Technology, real estate development, business process outsourcing, call/contact centers, digital media, training academies, and cloud service providers, and has been a pioneer in the IT cybersecurity management services model that is geographically distributed and regionalized with the cloud, resulting in a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure. This model has become critical to meeting today’s digital engagement and business exchange expectations.

As an entrepreneur, Andres successfully exited two tech businesses, and has been an advisor and angel investor for early-stage startups. Importantly, he has also failed in many other ventures. With his experience and his extensive tech-background, Andres has supported many startups, incubating and accelerating them from Miami to the world.

As for the future, Andres plans to continue to grow and expand his businesses. More importantly, he plans to develop innovative, progressive, and collaborative ways to reach as many people and businesses as possible and help them succeed in today’s global digital economy. This means interconnecting various worldwide ecosystems of startups, founders, investors, and corporations.

As a serial entrepreneur, business owner, consultant, investor, and speaker, Andres masters the skills of business development, partnering, branding, marketing, and networking. He is an expert in designing the global architecture of enterprise clouds in complex IT environments for multinational corporations, international governments, and small and medium-sized businesses.


Proud collaborator on topics of Innovation and disruptive technologies.

“You are never too young to teach,
Never too old to learn”


At the age of 19, Andres became a Microsoft Certified Trainer and started leading courses and teaching technology, innovation, project management, network-critical infrastructure, telecom, and information security at universities, IT academies, and training companies. At the same time, he founded an IT consulting firm operating from Miami as a cloud service provider with presence in 35 markets in North America, Central/South America, and Europe, serving a wide spectrum of industries, such as financial services, healthcare, telecom service providers, pharmaceuticals, government, trade, and logistics companies.


“Talk is Cheap, words without action, is no action”

For nearly a decade, Andres has been a leading expert as a Virtualization Architect in cloud computing geo-redundancy for high-availability systems, datasecurity and encrypted backup solutions for IT disaster recovery and business continuity strategies for companies in the USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

“Leadership is influence, and leadership of any kind, in any location for any purpose require that you take the time and effort to work well with people”

In 2012, and as a result of his expertise in IT and passion as a trainer, Andres was invited to be chapter leader for VMUG, a VMWARE end-user group of virtualization technologies in the Miami community. In 2014, he put together a professional business community for Latin America called NubeEmpresarial.com

“Practice what you Preach”

As a serial entrepreneur, Andres has launched several technology-related firms. Some include SynerTechCloud Solutions, SynerMedia Networks, designing/building BPO outsourcing services, a virtual assistants platform ScaleUPWork.com, a global investment advisory called BiZION GROUP, business coaching groups, and startup conferences like Startup SAFARI Miami and StartupCON.org, where founders , private investors, and VCs can venture into new, disruptive technologies and innovations.


“FOCUS=Follow One Course Until Succeed”

He maintains excellent and strong partnerships with organizations like Infragrad and other companies in South Florida, including service providers at the NAP of the Americas Datacenter, where more than 143 countries are interconnected for the telecommunications and Internet traffic exchange of thousands of companies. This is the most important point in the world of communications, where companies protect their data so that it never fails them.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving on”

Andres is the founder of Bizion Group, a business development training company for entrepreneurs and CEOs, a consultancy Firm specializing in business models, and an incubator that supports global startups, business expansion, and development.

“Make it Happen!
“You could be a someone that..
Doesn’t know what happens, doesn’t care what happens, let things happen
Make things Happen”

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As an educator, leader, he understands how important is to give back to the community, that is why he founded the Making The ShiFT Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides science and tecnology education to underprivileged communities around the wolrd bringing Programs and Core values for human development and sustainability. leveraging technology for early education to children in an underprivileged communities, by using computers, science instruments and online training as a tool to extend the knowledge and empowerment to work today and in the future, with entrepreneurship programs for a new social economic development and sustainable communities worldwide.


 “PUSH=Pray Until Something Happens”


Proud Author on topics of Information Technology, Business Critical Processes.

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