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Turn Your Excuses into Reasons

I think I have heard every excuse out there. “I’m late because it rained. My dog was sick. I got lost. I had another meeting.” If there was a million dollar check waiting for you, would you have shown up on time? Some people even make excuses in advance – “I’ll TRY.” TRY means To Relive Yesterday’s Failures. Losers make excuses and champions make things happen.

$ When your excuse is TIME, “I don’t have time because I’m always working,” perhaps that’s a good reason to make your business work so that you can buy all the time you need. Use leverage, adjust the way you use time, reallocate your time usage.

$ When your excuse is MONEY, “I can’t afford to join your group / get the business opportunity,” perhaps that’s a good reason to invest in an opportunity to learn how to make all the money you need!

$ When your excuse is ACCESS, “I don’t know anyone,” perhaps that’s a good reason to start meeting the right people, learning how to communicate better, and so on.

Every single choice you make is a step towards or away from your goal. If your goal is a million dollars, every choice is in effect worth a million dollars – think about it. I can make this call or not make it. Is it worth a million dollars to make this call? YES. So don’t make excuses – MAKE THE CALL! Small steps all get your journey made. EVERY STEP COUNTS.

Take responsibility for your own success. Decide to stop stopping. Commit to spectacular, sizzling, superb success. No more excuses. I don’t believe your excuses – I believe your actions. You either showed up or you didn’t. If you said you would and you didn’t, you LIED. Winners are not whiners. Winners smash through barriers. They take no prisoners. They do whatever it takes. When an achiever commits to a date, you can write it in blood.

Take a new look at your options and decide that your future will not be equal to your past. Create the future you deserve. No more procrastination, no more compromise, only RESULTS. Turn your excuses into reasons and you will turn your frown upside down!


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