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Being a great accountability partner

The Process for being a great Accountability Partner

  • Some qualities of a good accountability partner are: they have an important goal too, they are trustworthy to show up each time, they care about your success, they want accountability also
  • Each person explains exactly what they want to be held accountable for
  • It’s not a casual conversation, it’s a strategic meeting
  • Set a specific length of time for the meeting
  • Set a recurring day, recurring time, for the weekly calls
  • Set an agenda that you will follow each time
  • Set a specific number of meetings you’ll have in the series. Then decide to go for another period of time or change partners
  • Put into writing how both parties will benefit by being an accountability partner
  • Be sure they know your vision and the cost to you of failure to follow through
  • Do your personalities match, will this be a good fit?

To your Success,

Andres Hurtado Rangel


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