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Are you Average ?

When offered opportunities to improve their lives, for average people, the threat always outweighs the opportunity. They focus on what can go wrong, make excuses, and allow their fear to put their faith in a wheelchair. Winners get excited about new opportunities, minimize their risk through Joint Ventures, and focus on what can go right. They are willing to do what others don’t, so they will have what others won’t. Their “WHY” always overshadows their “HOW”. They expect to win, so they do.

Average people say, “I work (selling my time) ” to earn money to buy food to give me energy to go back to work to earn money…”
Winners leverage other peoples’ time and money to increase their assets and net worth. They work smart, not hard. They use their brains, not their hands. They don’t sell their own time unless it leads directly to leverage opportunities.

“Are You Average


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